What Can I Expect?

Seeking Chiropractic Treatment for the First Time? Choose Dr. Deedra Wright For Concierge Chiropractic Care in Abilene, TX!

Are you experiencing aches and pains? Chiropractic treatment is personalized care designed to deliver relief where you need it most. Don't let pain linger longer than it should. At Champion Concierge Chiropractic, Dr. Wright starts every new patient with a comprehensive exam to determine the root cause of the pain and the appropriate chiropractic treatment options. Her services are fully mobile, so you can get licensed and certified treatments at your convenience. Start your journey to a happier and healthier life with Champion Concierge Chiropractic in Abilene, TX. Call (325) 261-3636 today to schedule your new patient exam with Dr. Wright for just $100.

What information is gathered in the first meeting?

Dr. Wright collects as much information as possible in order to determine your personalized chiropractic treatment moving forward. During the new patient exam, Dr. Wright will learn about:

  • Orthopedic tests
  • Patient history
  • Exact location of pain
  • Diagnosis of pain
  • Muscle strength
  • Neurological data

After the comprehensive new patient exam, Dr. Wright can continue with adjustments and recommendations based off your exact needs and physiological condition. Get treatment suited just for you-contact your local chiropractor today to get started.

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